Best Boys Hostel near Allen Career Institute Sangyan Campus & Allen Career Institute Samyak Campus, Landmark city, Bundi Road, Kunhari, Kota (Rajsathan)-324008

Oasis Residency (Boys Hostel) is situated in the city downtown. It is situated in centre of both the
Allen Campuses in Landmark City, this place is truly a heaven. If you’re a student, this boy hostel
near Allen, Kota will make your life easier and you’ll be able to focus well on your studies. Oasis
Residency promises to be a great stay and is a one stop for all the comforts and all the delicious
The past year has been one of the toughest periods out of the last decade. The pandemic have
seriously hit the mankind all over the planet. As we surveyed the cities to analyze the persisting
conditions of humanity, eventually we found Oasis Residency is a best boys hostel in Kunhari, near
Allen Career Institute, Sangyan and Samyak Campuses.
As most of the hostels in and around the city were closed due to COVID, Oasis Residency led an
example for the Kota residents. This Hostel was open even during the pandemic. Only 3 students
were left and were getting all the facilities. In website the images of the boys hostel with price given
are true.

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