The Rebirth Of Hostels In Kota Amidst The Pandemic

There has been a rapid growth in the hostel industry in the past decade in India not only they provide cheap and short term stays all over the country, but they provide the people with a community to open up to; making new friends and socialize with people coming from different authenticities gives an exposure to the people staying for whatever reason it may be for tourism, studies, or some work- or business-related purpose.

Hostels In Kota After Pandemic

In the current lockdown situation, all the hostels were shut down for various reasons whether it is regarding the safety of the students or tourists or the availability of necessities. The hostels in Kota, Delhi and Pune in the initial stage of the outbreak of the virus suffered 3 months of complete ‘washout’ with ‘zero deals and the rents were dipped by over 30% . It was a time of utter shock to the nation in all aspects, but it was also an opportunity for the hostels to upgrade their ways of doing business. The concept of work from home was applicable to all sectors including the hospitality industry. Many businesses took the first movers’ advantage and grabbed the opportunity. They innovated the whole process of checking in and out in the various properties many companies like stanza living and Zolo had the advantage of using apps and promoting their properties. These companies introduce various deals and upgraded the security stands to ensure that the customer demand hikes. Although not every hostel can guarantee the mental, emotional, and physical safety of all the tenants.

Gagan Residency  Is The Best Girls Hostel In Kota During/After Pandemic

Are you Looking for best girls hostel in Kota after pandemic, everything in the lockdown was on hold for almost a year but the academics of the students cannot be compromised. Kota being the educational hub with ambitious students striving hard to achieve their goals can never wait to take the lead and utilize the time they have to giving their best that is the reason why we at Gagan Residency provide the best facilities at the prime location with everything nearby the student never have to worry about catching the virus or getting sick. The best girls hostel in Kota is equipped with amenities and provides immediate health care in the account of any sickness. Here at Gagan, you do not have to worry about your precious children as we provide all the meals for a healthy appetite of your ward; there are indoor games and tv to take a break and refresh and come back to study with a clear mind. We at Gagan Residency ensure the parents that we take all precautions and are very strict with the use of masks and sanitizer throughout the cooking, house keeping and while providing other assistance. Your premium room is just a few clicks away so hurry up and register now.

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